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All-in-one partner network solution, no more spreadsheets and paper applications

An efficient business process with no more back and forth and repetitive requests

Your verified and trusted authorized dealer and partner network


Reduction in the cycle time to onboard authorized dealers


Lower administration and lifecycle management costs


Create relationships with channel partners and brands

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Common Application

Team Management


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All Data and Transactions in One Place

Manual solutions, spreadsheets, storage drives, and various platforms ensures decentralized data. Our unified data solution allows for automation, excellence in customer experience,

better team efficiency and collaboration

Dealer Lifecycle Management and Administration

Eliminate inefficient and costly manual management and benefit from 50% reduction  in administrative costs. An efficient business process with no more back and forth and repetitive requests or waiting for required application documentation

Trust Your Dealer, MAP Violations, and Brand Integrity

A verified authorized dealer and partner network keeps bad actors at bay, proactively reduces pricing and MAP violations and protects your brand leading to better brand integrity and margins

Distribution Channel Integrity

The health of your dealer network and integrity of your distribution channel has a direct impact on profitability and brand reputation. Reduce business risk by proactively performing identity and business verification

Scalability and Built for the Future

Many businesses are trying to grow fast but lack modern era technology and scalability. We are built for the future with digital transformation to satisfy the needs of today’s consumer. .

Full Automation and Collaboration

Automate manual B2B processes to save time and money by reducing errors, cutting costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

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We’ve seen immense improvement in efficiency within our dealer network program. Dealer applications are now being processed much faster with business verification and with no back and forth requests for missing documentation. We are able to process applications within hours versus months to allow dealers to make immediate purchases.

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Common Authorized Dealer Application

A single verified application for authorized dealers and partners to apply to any manufacturer, brand, or distributor in our platform eliminating repetitive entry of information and back and forth requests for application documentation.

MDPPS is an authorized dealer onboarding SaaS platform and marketplace for manufacturers, brands, distributors and dealers.

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